About Marilyn

Marilyn Siegel, LCSWR, is a psychotherapist who has been influenced as much through life's journeys and family life as her training. She came to this career path circuitously. Marilyn began with a competing interest in music as a vocalist and a love of science. She performed and studied. Over time, moved towards nursing school to be a midwife and then found herself in the fields of education and psychology. It was her teaching days- in the time of the HIV epidemic and before early intervention services for youth- that compelled her to become a psychotherapist. Each person that she has had the privilege of meeting, engaging in has formed her life path.

Her love of the arts continued in tandem with her career path whether in music, crafts or mosaics. If we listen, life directs us and we are a compilation of those experiences. In turn, each experience has been useful in her current work.

Marilyn's Top Values

Marilyn's top three values are:

    • Honesty
    • Empathy
    • Ethics

One Thing Marilyn Does For Herself, No Matter How Hectic Life Gets

Each day she incorporates some form of self care into her life regardless of it's busy- ness. This may include crafts, tennis, dance, a good book, singing-the list is long- the inclusion of self care both allows her to step "out" of persistent focus and into herself and her gratitude for the people and the passions that she is fortunate to have.

Marilyn's Lip Scrub

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