About Cindy

My mother, Cindy, has taught me and continues to inspire me to love without judgement, to always keep an open mind, to break through the boundaries placed on me and that I place on myself, to dream big, to never stop having faith, to see the good and unique beauty in all people, to have relentless compassion, to do what is right and not what is easy. She has taught me that it is ok to make mistakes but it is important to learn for them, to never hesitate to admit when you are wrong or to forgive.  

Despite Cindy's painful disabilities and countless medical obstacles, she remains positive, open-hearted and humorous. Cindy's approach to pain is to offer it up as a prayer for those who need it most in the world. She also knows that laughter is often the best medicine - no one can make me laugh like my mother.

The love, care and support she has shown me throughout my life has shaped the person I am today. Being her daughter is the ultimate blessing.

Cindy's Top Values

Cindy's top values are:

  • Faith
  • Love
  • Compassion

One Thing Cindy Does For Herself, No Matter How Hectic Life Gets

Cindy always says her prayers daily, especially the rosary.  

Cindy's Lip Balm

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