About Amy, Founder of No More Kids with Cancer

Amy has always balanced an incredibly fast paced career with her love and commitment to her family and friends, a balance that is made more complicated given her husband also has a demanding career. Amy sadly had to balance one more challenging life altering event. An event we all fear and one that changes us forever. Amy has two great children. Zak, a competitive athlete playing sports year round and Naya, Amy’s artistic, strong willed, whip-smart little girl. The event? Naya was diagnosed with brain cancer when she was nine years old. When Naya was diagnosed, Amy’s motherly instincts kicked into overdrive. Amy was in full on, "fight this damn disease and get my daughter well" mode on literally a twenty-four by seven basis spending over seventy nights in the hospital during the next eighteen months.  

Juggling a heavy work load is nothing new for Amy, but when it is your daughter and your family in the battle of their lives, an even higher level of intensity happens. Managing her responsibilities as the Global Chief Marketing Officer for a publicly held company, helping Naya and Zak through Naya’s very difficult treatments, working with the doctors to determine the best options and care for Naya, fitting in family vacations and experiences to make sure everyone got to be together and do the things they loved - she made it all work. Sadly, horribly sadly, Naya lost her battle with brain cancer and, of course, that rocked Amy to the core. But she didn’t let her intense sorrow get in her way. Still a CMO, she started "No More Kids with Cancer” and is hard at work raising money to fund research to find non-toxic cures for kids with cancer. In two years she has raised over a half of million dollars, funded a phase 1 clinical trial using the measles virus to kill cancer cells and is hard at work creating a foundation that will honor Naya's wish and save the lives of children in the future.

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