It's "You" Time! 5 Easy Tips to Help Kick the Blues

Posted on November 19 2016

Sometimes we hit a rough patch, especially when life gets hectic and we have so many demands on us. When we focus too much of our energy outward, it is important to pause and make sure we are giving back to ourselves. While going through this, it is easy to forget about how wonderful we already are, the blessings we have and the strength that lies within us to move forward.

It's okay that life can get us down at times - we are human! We get tired, feel unattractive, have frustrations, get upset with ourselves for not accomplishing everything on our massive to do list - but let's not stay in that funk. It's YOU time!

Here are several ways you can disrupt this negative loop and help put some balance back in your life. I find them to be very impactful when trying to boost my self-confidence, take the time I need to recharge, appreciate what is beautiful about myself, and start drawing positive energy back into me!

Schedule Time for Your Hobbies and Interests

It's hard to feel joy when you are exhausted trying to meet the demands of this crazy busy life. Work, home, and school life may disconnect you from your personal passions. Block off some time for the activities that make you the happiest. If you like to socialize while doing this, sites such as can connect you with groups in your local area. Personally, I love a good paint along night out with my friends or signing up for a class that educates me on something I'm passionate about.

Adjust Your Posture

Studies have shown this is proven to help! I can personally vouch that it works for me. NO MORE SELF-INDUCED HUNCHED SHOULDERS! Slouching or sliding in your chair can be hard on your body, especially on your back. Try to sit up when you get a chance. Keep your posture in mind when you're standing and walking as well. You can quickly feel more confident and energized if you make these adjustments. Walk with your shoulders back, hold your head high, and smile - you will feel the difference!


Spend Time in Nature

The combination of sunlight, fresh air, and the sounds of nature make a walk in the woods a great way to relax and rejuvenate. Being around trees is also good for your overall health. If you don't have the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature, bring it into your home. Create a small garden in your backyard or line your windows with succulents. You can never go wrong with reading a good book while leaning back on a tree with your feet in the grass. So get out in nature and breathe!

Keep a Compliments Book

The media does a good job at reinforcing negative feelings, especially when it comes to beauty standards. Try keeping a compliments book to help yourself feel more beautiful, no matter what messages you are exposed to. Write down something you like about yourself every day. During rough times, you can read through these wonderful sentiments and improve your self-confidence. It can be something as short as, I have really nice eyelashes, I did an amazing job on my last work project, people always compliment my smile, or I love how much I care for others. Reading these positive facts about yourself will trigger the good emotions you need to feel again.

Do Something Nice for Another Person

Sometimes the best way to brighten up your day is by doing something nice for other people. Paying for someone's coffee, seeking out volunteer efforts, or listening to someone when they need an ear are all ways you can help. One of my favorite random acts of kindness is buying an extra lunch (with a dessert) and doing a quick drop off to a homeless person while walking back to the office.

These are just some of my favorites, but we would love to hear what you do to get back in your flow!
Sending you positive vibes,


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