Adding Lip Care to Your Skin Care, Seamlessly

Posted on November 12 2016

You have a skin care routine that keeps your face hydrated and healthy, but it might miss one important part of your body: your lips. They sit right in the middle of your face, but they often end up dry, cracked, or otherwise ignored. If you want to put together that perfect look, you need your lips to be as healthy as the rest of your skin.

You should also start thinking about your lips as a more delicate part of your skin. If you have dry skin elsewhere, you take the time to exfoliate it. With lips, many people decide that putting lip balm on it and calling it a day is good enough. When you try putting on lip gloss or lip stick over dead skin, the coverage isn’t nearly as good as it can be. Lip scrubs help you start with a smooth surface that absorbs the benefits of a good lip balm.

Lip Science

One reason you might overlook adding your lips into your regular skin care routine is because what you put on the rest of your face is not designed to go on your lips. I've tried and trust me, it does not taste good and probably shouldn't be ingested.

Typical skin has over a dozen layers, which creates a uniform tone across your entire body. Lips have less layers, so you have much less coverage and you need to be mindful about what you put on them.

Fun Fact: Everyone has a different shade of lip color which is due to blood vessels showing through. When you have less melanin, your blood vessels are more pronounced.

How to Add Lip Care Into Your Routine

You don't have to add a substantial amount of time to your current skin care routine for appropriate lip care.

  • Step 1: Before you clean your face or brush your teeth, I suggest applying a lip scrub. I splash some warm water on my lips first soften them and then gently massage one of our scrubs in with your fingers or by rubbing your lips together for about 15-30 seconds.
  • Step 2: Next brush your teeth while the lip scrub sits, I like to let our lip scrub stay on as it acts like a mask and continues to hydrate.
  • Step 3: After brushing your teeth, rinse your mouth and lips. Next I like to wash my face but keep my lips pursed inward to avoid the face wash from hitting my lips.
  • Step 4: After, follow up with one of our soothing and moisturizing lip balms! You can then apply your face lotion.

IMPORTANT: Please consider not using a tooth brush to exfoliate your lips - they are too delicate and you may not realize the damage you are doing to them. Think of it this way, would you use a tooth brush to scrub under your eyes? No! So don't do it to your lips which needs to be treated just as gingerly.

Some lip care products only sit on the surface on the skin, which may look nice, but you miss out on long-term healing benefits. The PrettyPout products are made to penetrate your skin, meaning they go through each layer of skin and to gently nourish and hydrate.

It only takes a few minutes to alter your skin care routine to include your lips. They need a lot of tender loving care, especially when through the winter and summer months. By looking for products designed to keep up with your busy lifestyle, and knowing why your lips need focused attention, you can create the best routine for your needs.

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